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Sahabat Satwa is a continuous donation program,
to protect endangered species and their habitats

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Orangutan is the largest arboreal primates in Asia which can only be found in Borneo and Sumatera islands. Other big primates such as gorilla, chimpanzee, and bonobo lives in Africa. Rescue them by becoming Sahabat. Donation can be given from IDR 50,000/month.

Orangutan is classified into 2 species which are Pongo abelii in Sumatra and Pongo pygmaeus in Borneo. Day by day their population keeps decreasing, in the last 20 years their population has drop to 55%. Sumatran Orangutan is categorized as critically endangered by 7.500 individuals in the nature. The Bornean Orangutan, however, is classified as endangered as the population reach 57.000 individuals left. Several threats of their population are due to illegal wildtrade and illegal logging, deforestation to make palm oil plantation, change of climate and forest fire.

Orangutan Distinctions

Orangutan has massive and big body, large neck, long and strong hands, short and bended foot, and has no tails. Their foods are tree barks, leaves, flowers, several insects and fruits. The male orangutan weights is aroung 50-90 kg, while female weights about 30-50 kg. Orangutan can move fast through trees by swinging from branch to branch.

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