Sahabat Harimau

Sahabat Satwa is a continuous donation program,
to protect endangered species and their habitats

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Sumatran Tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae) is the last Indonesian tiger after Bali tiger in the 40s and Javan tiger in the 80s were claimed extinct. Rescue them by becoming Sahabat. Donation can be given from IDR 50,000/month.

The estimated population of Sumatran tigers in their wildlife habitat is only 300-400 and keep on decreasing as the Sumatran deforestation continues. Our concern for the "King of the Jungle" future in their natural habitat inspires WWF-Indonesia to keep on struggling and protecting Sumatran Tiger species and habitats.

Sumatran Tiger Distinctions

Sumatran Tiger is a professional swimmer due to the membrans in between their paws, different from any house cats that hate water. The heavy black stripes on orange fur becomes their speciality weapon to camouflage with nature. Their stripes are different to one another, it is used to identified one individual to another just like human finger prints.

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