Let's run for the Sumatran Tigers!
Be part of Team Tigers by joining #Run4Tigers!

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Let's run for the Sumatran Tigers!
Be part of Team Tigers by joining #Run4Tigers!

Currently, only 371 individuals remaining Sumatran tigers in several areas in Sumatra. Loss of habitat, illegal trade, and conflict between humans and tigers are a major threat to the Sumatran tiger.

Tigers have an important role as the highest predator in the forest ecosystem, to maintain the balance of tropical forests so that its sustainability can be guaranteed. Tiger conservation is important, it is also impact the rescue of other wildlife species in the same forest.

To raise awareness of Sumatran Tiger conservation, WWF-Indonesia supports the Run4Tigers campaign to spread the message of tiger preservation through marathon activities. Run4Tigers campaign is open to all those who concerned with tiger conservation efforts. In this campaign, there are people who are concerned about the Sumatran tiger conservation issue. They are called Team Tigers. The activities are not limited in running. Cycling, swimming, or other activities can be done to support the preservation of the Sumatran tiger.

In the upcoming event is Bali Marathon 2017, we invite you to take part in Run4Tigers campaign. If you participating in the event, bring a message the Sumatran tiger conservation. Use Tiger-themed attributes, and share your running moments through social media with hastag #Run4Tigers.

Be part of Team Tigers with join #Run4Tigers. You will get Run4Tigers Jersey special edition. (After donating, please inform jersey size by email [email protected]).

The more you contribute, the wider the chance of tigers to survive in nature.

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  • Run4Tigers jersey special edition

    Run4Tigers Jersey

  • Run4Tigers Jersey

    Run4Tigers jersey special edition

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