Rumah Produksi Madu

Honey farmers group in West Lombok, NTB, needs help to build a honey production house.
Help them by giving donation starting from Rp300.000.

Donation Program

Rumah Produksi Madu

About Honey Production House

Honey Production House is a building for processing non-timber forest products in Pakuan Village, Narmada Sub-district, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The people of Pakuan Village, Narmada, West Lombok, NTB, live around of Sesaot Protected Forest. They manage non-timber forest products (HHBK) such as honey, jackfruit, coffee, bananas, candlenuts and palm sugar, to fulfil their daily needs. WWF-Indonesia is providing technical assistance to increase the added value of what they manage currently. WWF-Indonesia encourages the construction of Honey Production House that will be managed by that community group.

How Your Donation Can Help?

  • Rp. 300.000

    Could fund one honey bee box to raise added value management of non-timber forest product

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