#JanganBunuhGajah is a one time donation program to save Sumatran Elephant and its habitat

Donation Program



#JanganBunuhGajah is a Sumatran Elephant conservation campaign initiated by the Indonesian singer, Tulus, and supported by WWF-Indonesia. Tulus wants to get involved in anti-poaching activities and save elephant after one elephant that the "star" in his music video named Yongki killed by ivory hunters. 

Yongki is one of the domesticated elephants, who joined the team Elephant Patrol that operates in cooperation with WWF and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park to assist communities in addressing human-elephants conflicts.

How Your Donation Can Help?

  • IDR 50.000

    Could buy a rain coat and a pair of gloves for field workers

  • IDR 100.000

    Could buy a hat for field workers & support accommodation fee for Elephant patrol team

  • IDR 200.000

    Could buy 10 environment friendly circle hook fishing gear & 1 flash light for field workers

  • IDR 500.000

    Could buy a pair of boots & 1 backpack for field workers

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