Tiger Papier Mache

Adopt Tiger Papier Mache as a symbol of support for tiger preservation Indonesia's last tiger!

Donation Program

Tiger Papier Mache

About Tiger Papier Mache
Currently, only 371 individuals remaining Sumatran tigers in several areas in Sumatra. As rescue efforts Sumatran tiger, WWF Indonesia initiated a campaign fundraising Tiger Papier Mache with "make" 371 cubs in the form of papier mache. Tiger Papier Mache produced by Bali Artgasm consisting of 6 poses a tiger. Specially made of waste paper as a message to raise awareness of the relationship between animals, humans, and nature.

By adopting symbolically, you will get Papier Mache Tiger, tiger team travel records, and electronic certificates.

How Your Donation Can Help?

  • IDR 500.000

    Could buy a pair of boots & 1 backpack for field workers

  • IDR 3.000.000

    Could buy 1 set of Ranger equipment (including a uniform, boots, a rain coat, a hat, a backpack, a mat/sleeping bag, and a tent)

  • IDR 2.000.000

    Can buy a trap camera for wildlife monitoring program.

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