Elephant Warrior

Answering the challenge "Because Mother Nature Needs Help",
where habitats and native Indonesian wildlife are endangered!

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Sumatran elephants are threatened to extinction by illegal poaching, deforestation, and human-wildlife conflict. Rescue them by becoming a Warrior. Donation can be given from IDR 50,000/month.

Sumatran elephants are the "protector species" for their habitats and are believed as a symbol of wildlife diversity in the complex ecosystem they live in. This brings out that the conservation of this big mammals will help the wildlife diversities and ecology integrity in their ecosystem that will also save other smaller species.

In a day, elephant can consume more or less 150 kg food and 180 liter water as well as 20 kilometer square travel distance per day. The plants and fruit seeds from their bowel waste will be spread to every forest or jungle area they pass and help the forest or jungle regeneration program. 

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