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Help Sumatran Elephants by donating for foods planting and bordering plants starting from USD 2,-

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Rasa sedih dan prihatin bergejolak dalam diri Chicco Jerikho, Elephant Warrior WWF. Merasa tak bisa tinggal diam melihat kenyataan itu, ia mencari jawaban tentang solusi apa yang dapat dilakukan untuk menyelamatkan gajah-gajah Sumatera di Aceh dan mencegah konflik gajah-manusia.

Some elephant groups are currently outside the conservation area, causing conflicts with humans. Conflict between elephants and humans has reported damage to crops in community and company gardens, as well as houses around the garden. In addition, there were also casualties due to human and elephant conflict. The elephants died as a result of the conflict which was not handled properly.

Through the MP2CE (Monitoring, Preventing, Planting, Controlling and Education) approach, an initiative has emerged in mitigating human elephant conflict in a modern way by integrating the protection of elephants, humans, elephant habitats and efforts to encourage the synergy of elephant-human life through technical guidance techniques. habitat and efforts to control the movement of elephants in an integrated and efficient manner called TERMINAL GAJAH. Elephant terminal on the elephant transit route at the village border as a strategy for handling conflict and elephant movement. Planting elephant feed is an effort to support the life of elephants so that they can easily get food, when their habitat is no longer available in the forest. The goal is to reduce the impact of losses from human-elephant conflicts through a space-sharing approach between elephants and humans.

Currently there are 3 assisted villages committed to providing space for the movement of elephants in their villages, Pante Peusangan Village, Arul Gading Village and Karang Ampar Village. The two villages are willing to carry out enrichment activities by planting plants by elephants. One of the entry points in obtaining this commitment is to build a community agreement to organize their village space so that the movement of elephants and the community's economic development space does not overlap.

Because humans must live side by side in harmony with nature and live in sharing with elephants. Donate Now!

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