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Sumatran tiger is Indonesia's last tiger left in their natural habitat. Save them by adopting Tiger Papier Mache!

After Tiger Java and Bali declared extinct a few years ago , the Sumatran Tiger tiger Indonesia became the last left in their natural habitat . Save them with a symbolic adoption Papier Mache Tiger.

The tiger occupies a top position in the food chain and therefore has an important role to maintain the balance of forest ecosystems . The tiger can inform the availability of adequate water for all living beings around the forest and controlling behavior and wildlife populations of herbivores that directly impact on forest sustainability .

One of the Sumatran tiger conservation efforts is to let them live in their natural habitat in order to be able to move freely , breed , and interact directly with other animals . In addition to survival , tigers have extensive cruising to live in their habitat for the balance of the ecosystem in the region remains stable.

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